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In today's world of scarce resources it is of utmost importance to make strategically adequate decisions for your business. Questions like "Is my business model is the right one?" and "Does the chosen business model functions efficiently?" arise. AEN Engineering GmbH & Co.KG is your proven and reliable partner who, jointly with you, addresses these questions in such essential industries as energy and food. Established in 2007, AEN Engineering GmbH & Co.KG taps into a wide network of business relationships inherited from its experienced German agency, state-of-the-art engineering and chemical know-how and, surely, customer satisfaction. To make it happen, we constantly improve our supplier portfolio and our customer care to offer you best possible value added.


Why to partner with AEN Engineering?

    • ok-icon German know-how
  • ok-icon Solutions for small budgets
  • ok-icon Access to a wide range of suppliers/manufacturers
  • ok-icon Hands-on approach to improve your business
  • ok-icon International experience
  • ok-icon The interaction of business, science and education in the development of biotechnology
  • ok-icon We speak German, English and Russian






AEN Engineering GmbH & Co.KG will be honored to engineer your business into an optimum solution based on the current trends worldwide. Feel free to contact us.

Latest News


Organic Amaranth Oil - cold pressed

December 20, 2012

On behalf of our business partners we are looking for long-term customers, who are in need of organic cold pressed amaranth oil (Amaranth grains are from certified organic amaranth cultivation farms / kbA), with a squalene content of 5% - 8%.

This organic cold pressed amaranth oil can be used in the production of your products or it can expand your product range.

We would be delighted to create you a suitable offer.

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