December 20, 2012

Organic Amaranth oil - cold pressed

On behalf of our business partners we are looking for long-term customers, who are in need of organic cold pressed amaranth oil (Amaranth grains are from certified organic amaranth cultivation farms / kbA), with a squalene content of 5% -8%.

This oil can be used in the production of your products or it can expand your product range.

We would be delighted to create you a suitable offer.

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August 10, 2012

Homepage update and an invitation to potential new partners

In connection with the receipt of requests for testing screw presses to the possibility of squeezing oil from amaranth seeds AEN Engineering conducted a test of the extraction of oil and laboratory investigation of the resulting end product, the oil from the seeds of amaranth varieties Lera. For reviews and experts from Germany and Russia, the technology of extraction of oil and biochemical parameters are satisfactory, and can be recommended for commercial production. In connection with this company, AEN Engineering has taken steps to update the home page. Now, thanks to a new link "News" you can get acquainted with the results of studies and tests of AEN Engineering clicking on the link: here.

August 9, 2012

promising multipurpose culture of the XXI century

Amaranth - the forgotten miracle cereal culture, which the UN Food Commission called the culture of the 21st century.
The botanical name comes from the Greek. "Amarantos": - "unfading flower." Amaranth over 8000 years old was one of the major grain crops in South America and Mexico. In Asia, popular as amaranth grain and vegetable crops. Amaranth grain contains up to 16% protein, 5-6% fat, 55-62% starch. For lysine content amaranth protein is twice the protein of wheat; lipid fraction contains up to 10% squalene (squalene rejuvenates cells, inhibits the growth and spread of cancers, increases the strength of the immune system of the body several times, thus ensuring its resistance to various diseases.)
Given the general trend of minimizing the use of chemicals and the desire to fully utilize homeopathic (natural) resources in the treatment of severe cancer:

July 27, 2012 the company AEN Engineering GmbH & Co. KG conducted a test trial of its screw presses supplied to the possibility of cold-pressed oil from seeds of amaranth varieties CEM and LERA, and laboratory studies of the biochemical composition of the product (oil from seeds of amaranth).

Results of tests and laboratory tests exceeded all expectations both on the technical parameters of equipment (for screw presses supplied by AEN Engineering GmbH & Co. KG, yield of oil was much higher than on similar presses of other companies), and on the biochemical composition of the oil Lera varieties of amaranth seeds. According to experts in Germany and Russia, who studied the data of laboratory research results proved to be quite stable and good!
For several reasons, extract oil from seeds of amaranth is not easy. There are several techniques to obtain: oil extraction, extraction with organic solvents and supercritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide (SFE - CO2).
Our proposed method of cold pressing of their value, simplicity, quality parameters of oil differs radically from these expensive technologies offered by our competitors.

When the content of 6-7% oil in the seeds of amaranth varieties Lera when pressed cold pressed oils, we obtained the following results:
•% of oil output during the spin cycle: ~ 3.3%
•% squalene content: ~ 5.42%
• Vitamin E: 51,84 mg/100 ml
•% content of monounsaturated fatty acids (Monoungesättigte FA) - 23,7%
•% content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (Polyungesättigte FS) - 51,2%.

We offer a screw press to obtain cold-pressed oil from seeds of amaranth with a fairly high content of squalene!
Until recently, the squalene received only deep-water sharks from the liver, resulting in its cost was so high that the mass of its use became almost impossible.

From the easily renewable plant resources squalene in small amounts in wheat germ oil, rice bran, yeast, cranberries (0.34%), zmeegolovnika (0.67%), oregano (0.15%), peppermint (0 , 36%), Melissa (0.57%), seaweeds (0.07%), black currant seed (0.16%), Peony (0.22%), cranberry (0.19%), thyme ( 1.18%), fungus (0.45%), horse chestnut (4.19%), common wormwood (1.3%). Data are presented on the technological development of SIC ER "Goro".
The highest content of squalene from literary sources found in amaranth oil - from 8% to 15%, depending on the technology of production.
Thus, cold pressed oil is the best for such raw materials as amaranth, as it allows to select from amaranth seed oil extract from the most comprehensive content of squalene in it and a set of PUFAs, and as a protein meal with a lot of inherent amaranth amino acid and trace element composition , ready for use, for example, in Badakhshan.
Watch videos on the method of cold-pressed oil from seeds of amaranth here.

July 7, 2012

AEN Engineering's contribution to solving the problems of fighting cancer:

According to the forecasts of the World Health Organization, by 2030 the number of people with cancer to grow by 75%.
This is stated in a study published in the pages of the medical publication Lancet Oncology.
Every year the world spent huge funds to develop new methods and drugs for the treatment of cancer. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of vsgo this is much lower than expected.
The company AEN Engineering GmbH & Co. KG has decided to go the other way - to find natural remedies to boost immunity and combat the growth of cancer cells.
Recent research in this area one of the most effective in this area is called squalene - biological compound, natural unsaturated hydrocarbon. In the body of man, squalene rejuvenates cells and inhibits the growth and spread of malignant tumors. In addition, squalene can improve the strength of the immune system of the body several times, thus ensuring its resistance to various diseases.
About how the company AEN Engineering GmbH & Co. KG pomogaetproizvodit oil with high content of squalene here.

October 27, 2011

AEN Engineering's Contribution to the Rising World Population:

"Recent news from CNN states that we are, 'only days away to a world population of 7 billion people.' And according to the U.N, the global population may rise to 9.3 billion by 2050. Those are extreme numbers considering that people will have a major need for food and energy. We, here at AEN Engineering, are taking this issue very seriously and want to participate in this challenge. These are reasons why it is so important to us to supply our customers with economical solutions based on the world's best technology and quality in the food and energy industry, which can only be realized with a world-wide network of great partners."

- CEO, Johann Juschin


October 17, 2011

Homepage update and welcoming new potential partners

Due to the increase in sales and inquiries, AEN Engineering took a small step to update their Homepage. Also, with their new link "Partners," AEN Engineering is now using the call-to-action approach to new potential partners. Their services have updated too, which you will find here.